The Violet Flame Crystal Meditation

By Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A


Using crystals help us meditate in a much clearer way.  They ground us and help to make us ready.  They enhance our concentration and they magnify our visualisation thereby making our meditations much more enjoyable and creating much better results than would normally be found.

The first thing is always to find a place that you will not be disturbed for an hour.  This is the most important factor when looking for a place to meditate.  It is also important that it is as tranquil as you can manage it to be.  Ideal places outside are woods, fields, meadows etc and of course for an outside meditation it has to be a sunny day or at least a dry day.  Indoors the main factor is the noise which should be a minimum.

The next step is to set the scene and make it as relaxing as you possibly can.  Candle light is the best light to meditate in as it brings with it a restful feeling and throws a mantle of dreaminess over your surroundings making everything softer.

I love to have a soothing smell surrounding me also and this can be achieved by burning an oil.  You can also use those air fresheners if you do not have aromatherapy oil, Ambipur I believe is an oil that you plug in and it sends a fragrance around the room.  Joss sticks can be used, but you must be careful with these as the cheaper ones can stick in your throat and make you sneeze. 

So having prepared your room you are ready to start.  I will just mention here that your crystals will all have been cleansed and dedicated and made ready for use.

You will need 5 pieces of amethyst about an inch long.  These should be placed in the shape of a 5 pointed star and will be the perimeter of your meditation.  So lay down the 5 point star shape and then sit within this. 

Using your wand and drawing down the light of spirit connect the crystals with light moving from crystal to crystal in the shape of the 5 pointed star and imagine in your minds eye what you are trying to achieve and see it formed.  In your minds eye see your 5 amethysts grown larger and see the light connecting them all together.

Within this space you place yourself sitting comfortably and holding an amethyst in each hand.

Dedicate the meditation to the Lords of Light and ask the protection of the Angels.  Having done this take one of your amethysts and hold it to your third eye and breath in and out for a few minutes, connection quietly with the crystal, really try and feel its presence and allow it to tune into yours.  You may then ask the deva to be present and to aid you in your visualisation so that the ultimate amount of healing can be had from this exercise.  Do this with the other amethyst also, taking your time and enjoying the experience.




The Meditation

by Anji Gill-Jennings


Holding the amethysts in your hand and breathing deeply spend some time to feel relaxed.  Be aware of the surrounding crystals and enlarge them in your minds eye until they become like large pillars surrounding you.


Ask the deva of each amethyst to connect with your heart and then draw from each of the crystals an amethyst light which reaches and connects with your heart, go round all the crystals until you have a heart link with them all and then visualise them surrounding you with all the light connection threads meeting at your heart.


Allow yourself to become a crystal.  Really feel the coolness in your body and allow your mind to connect with the amethysts.  Reach and call to the deva of the amethysts and ask to be invited to experience the feeling of just being light and then imagine that from the bottom of your spine you are a living violet flame.  See yourself as a flame, feel yourself as a flame and spend as much time as you can being in that violet flame.  Ask the amethysts to join you in the flame and visualise pulling them in so that you are altogether.


Take from the meditation.  Connect with the devas and ask them to show themselves to you.  As them a question about the amethyst crystal and listen for an answer, it will come in the form of a picture not words.  Remember that anything we try to interact with will always answer but in a way true to its nature and crystals do not speak like we do, it is a mistake many people make when waiting to be answered.  Watch with your mind for the symbol, colour, pattern etc that will be your answer.


When you feel you have had an answer then allow the violet flame to encompass you again and enjoy the feeling.  This is a very cool meditation, if you get hot or uncomfortable then you are not visualising what you should be, everything about this is cool and purple.


The point of a meditation is to become one with the universe, to be quiet, to become as calm as possible, to use your breath properly and to communicate with your higher self.


Visualisation is a meditation using a particular path working that you follow and visualise and which is leading you somewhere for a particular purpose.  The two together can be a wonderful experience but it takes practice.  You are very lucky if you "see, hear, feel or sense" every single time or from the first time as it takes practice and patience. 


It is much better to practice the same meditation more than once so that you can get used to the way it should be done in your mind, this is really helpful.  Take your time, prepare everything beforehand and then enjoy your experiences.


Never be despondent if you think nothing happened, it most definitely will always connect.  Always remember to thank the energy you have been working with and to ground yourself properly by eating and drinking something afterwards.


In Light, Anji




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