Beneath the Twisted Tree
Based in South Gloucestershire this
is an Alexandrian based training group run by HPs & HP whose coven was established in 1985.
We are currently accepting genuine seekers over 18 for an 8 session introductory course in coven wicca for those interested in progressing from who and why to write and rite. If this interests you then please e-mail us with a brief introduction to yourself and your contact details.


The Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach

Based in Dorset the Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach first drew breath at the foot of the Long Man of Wilmington at Imbolc 1971.
It was then an Alexandrian Coven and stayed that way throughout the 70s and 80s. In the early 90s it evolved into a Coven of the Old Craft and in 1995 it fully evolved into a Hunting Coven of the Old Craft…In 2009 the members of the Coven finally went in different directions and in all but name the Allta Cailleach was no more.

At Yule 2011, the Allta Cailleach sprang back into life………….and with renewed vigour……..

We are an Old Craft Coven of the Hunting Path… which means we activists in every sense….our purpose is to fight both magically and practically to protect the Land, the Animals that live on it, the Environment, all Sacred Sites and any and all pagans from attacks of any kind…………….
Find us at Cauldron of the Allta Cailleach

Pagan Roots. Eclectic Wiccan information on a range of topics including basic Wiccan beliefs and concepts; a recommended reading guide; encyclopedias of information on different herbs, gemstones, gods and goddesses; a guide to divination using Tarot cards and rune stones; favourite pieces of poetry, prose and humour; articles on the elements, rituals, festivals and plenty more


Wellhead Logo.jpg (24252 bytes)The Well Head. Gloucestershire coven site dedicated to the provision of information, guidance, pause for thought, resources, links etc. including a guide to "What's on" to events around the county,



Meyn Mamvro
The best and longest serving Cornish magazine of Paganism,
Earth Mysteries, Ancient Sites, Folklore etc.


Cassandra Latham Village Wisewomen CornwallVillage Wisewoman. Home of Cassandra Latham, Village Witch of St. Buryan, Cornwall and current VP of the Pagan Federation. Listing services, background and other local information. If you don't know her or havn't heard her talk then take the time to find out more.


Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network is a charitable partnership formed to look after the ancient sites and monuments of Cornwall. We work closely with local communities and official organisations to protect and promote our ancient heritage landscape through research, education and outreach activities.


Druid order of Tamaris
Cornish druid order based in Plymouth but covering both Cornwall and Devon.

Gippeswic - Paganism with attitude Site dedicated to the Northern Tradition.


Mid-West and Wales Pagan Federation
FB page for the Pagan Federation Region includes all of Wales, the Border counties from south Cheshire down to Gloucestershire, plus adjacent counties of Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and last but not least the city of Bristol.


Devon & Cornwall Pagan Federation
Regional website of the Pagan Federation covering Devon, Cornwall and the Channel Islands


The Pagan Federation
Home of The Pagan Federation in the UK.
Please note: Twisted Tree has no formal association with the Pagan Federation.


Tuscon Area Wiccan & Pagan Network.
And you thought Tuscon was all about cactus and cowboy hats.
Well try this wiccan site for size. You won't regret it.


Wyrd's Well
Heathenism, Seidr, Articles, Poetry with links to classes and publications.


Site for Holy Wells in Wiltshire. Also with general information on holy wells, discussion pages and links to other holy well sites on the internet.


The Blue Roebuck will lead you into her world of the Goddess.
Great site........ go there !


Minor Arcana
Evolving UK Wiccan / Pagan site for teenagers by teenagers

Bristol Open Circle Moot internet group
A resource where pagans in Bristol and the South West can keep up to date with local happenings, post up information of interest to other pagans, check out the links to 100s of websites and keep an eye on the calendar of events.



Gaia's Garden A place to honour mother earth and share thoughts on the many paths of earth tradition... Leave your shoes by the gate and come on in and explore the garden.... Herblore, Articles, Recipes, Forums, Events, Galleries and even a Library can be found here.


Grey House in the woods
Grey House in the Woods is, principally, a publisher run by Druids to provide serious and well-researched books for Druids and others who are interested in native Celtic spirituality


WitchWitchcraft - Word of Wicca. Australian based Wiccan site.
Whether you’re a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Christian, or what ever, the information on this site is relevant to anyone and everyone with an open mind and a desire to look “outside your own box”. Just think of how much nicer things would be if we took the time to see things through someone else’s eyes for a change.
So, if you don’t mind the cat hair, park the broomstick for awhile and pull up a toadstool…I’ve just put the kettle on.


Magicfolk "psych-folk" band producing quality music inspired by folklore and mythology etc.
Find bio's, gigs, news and more at their home site including the opportunity to purchase their debut album (see review).


  Earthgiven; Unique ceremony's for Life's Celebrations. Handfastings, funerals, namings, rites of passage, house cleansing and more. Also, workshops, training and healing including: crystal energy, sacred geometry, crystal skulls, tools for the lightworker, pyramid energy and crystal healing.

FIRST COLLEGE (UK) Online high school for the 21st century
A small online high school for 10 -18s which respects individual philosophy of life. (Pagan families especially welcome.) Classes with live teachers each morning, plus an online learning community 24/7. No rigid national curriculum, learning as joyful and fun. Optional IGSCE exam tutorials. If NOT taking exams students attend the Creativity Centre.
Information site:

DorsetWR.jpg (4939 bytes) Dorset Wildlife Rescue
Dorset Wildlife Rescue is a voluntary organisation based in Poole, Dorset. Please contact Dorset Wildlife Rescue if you come across sick, injured or orphaned animals. We can give help and advice and can arrange rescue where necessary.


mystic_fayre_logo.gif (10841 bytes)
The Mystic Fayre. Held twice yearly in Penzance.


greenmagicpublishing.gif (10528 bytes) Green Magic Publishing
Specialist publishing company for works on Magic & Wicca, Paganism, Sacred Landscapes, Spirituality & Avalon etc.



Isle of Avalon.jpg (8517 bytes) Isle of Avalon Logo.jpg (5360 bytes)
The Isle of Avalon Foundation
Courses in many esoteric subjects including Crystal Healing, Shamanism, Esoteric Soul Healing, Wicca, Witchcraft and Goddess Training.
Recently launched online course called Rainbow Witchcraft with tutor, Kevin Saunders.
For further information visit the website or e-mail


Scorch's Pyrography
Scorch's Pyrography. All manner of hand-made wooden and leather items on a commission basis. 
agical items such as altar plates, sets of runes, candle-holders, boxes, aromatherapy hangers, etc to your chosen design. Plaques, purses, nameplates, keyfobs, glasses-cases, trinket boxes, handbags, etc, which make great gifts. Every design is unique, made to order for you; animals, pentacles, flowers, dragons, etc, often personalised with names and inscriptions.
ll enquiries are entirely free of charge, with no obligation! Almost all the wooden items are hand made from solid sycamore taken from renewable sources, and all the leather items are hand-made in top-quality vegetable-tanned leather.



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