The Moonstone Meditation
by Anji Gill-Jennings C.H.S.V.A


Finding yourself under the full moon we will use its magical energy for healing, therefore having dedicated whatever you do to the light and the Lords of Light first, you can then prepare the scene.  You can light some incense or some joss sticks if you wish.  You do not have to do this but it helps.


When i did this meditation last i was in the woods.  I surrounded myself with clear quartz crystals and was holding a moonstone in my left hand.  The left hand is for receiving remember?


I was surrounded with lights also of course but kept everything to a minimum.  It is nice to have a statue of one of the goddesses for your altar and if you are using an altar cloth then choose one made of silver cloth.


If you are in your garden you may have neighbours who can oversee what you are doing and would therefore choose to do this without any props at all and that is perfectly fine.  It helps with the visualisation but it is not necessary to what you wish to achieve.


So everything is in place and set up.  You have your incense lighted and going (if you are using it).  The full moon is shining down upon you.


Placing feet about 2ft apart and holding your moonstone in your left hand you begin to root yourself into the earth.  I have explained my technique previously but if you are not sure please go through my meditations, but to be thorough do the following:


Feet 2ft apart, hands by your side, ask the goddess of the earth to help you to be rooted and connected throughout.




The Meditation


Imagine from the soles of your feet that you are growing roots and let them delve down into the earth until you imagine tying the roots to a rock or something else you have imagined.


Ask the earth goddess to come and collect at your roots and imagine a golden light snaking from the side of you towards the roots tied to the stones and covering the roots and slowly climbing up the roots.  The light eventually breaks ground and covers your feet and slowly creeps up to your heart where it stays.  Imagine that the light fills up your heart and keep it there.


Look up at the moon and ask the moon goddess to lend her light to you so that you can fill up your heart with moon energy and then draw down from the moon a silver line of light which will enter your head and settle in your heart mixing with the golden light and pulsing with energy.


Allow this light to get bigger and bigger and then throw it up and out in front of you.  Take the light up and over your head and down your back, under your feet and back up in front of you.  Repeat this a few times to ensure that you are covered completely.  You are cocooned in this light all over.  Now breath it in and become one with it.


You have your moonstone in your left hand and so now you hold it up to the moons light and ask the goddess of the moon to bless your moonstone.  There are various names for the goddess of the moon and you can call on your favourite, the following are some that i know of:





Hecate - but usually saved for the dark moon


Call her by name and ask her to bless the moonstone and to imbue it with her special energy.


Hold up the moonstone so that the light shines upon it.  Imagine a silver light of energy leaving the moon and pouring into your moonstone and see the light that is in the moonstone grow bigger and bigger and keep this up for a minute or two before finishing with thanking the goddess for her generosity.



This is called charging up your crystal and it should be buzzing with moon energy now.  If you are sensitive you may feel your crystal throbbing in the palm of your hand but if you do not that is fine because you can be sure that your moonstone is filled with energy anyway and is ready for you to use for healing whenever you need it.


You may use the moons light to energise any of your crystals in the same manner.  You can leave your crystals out in the moonlight all night if you live in a safe place where they will not be stolen.   All of your crystals will benefit for a night moon bathing.  It is one of the ways that crystals healers use the moon for their crystals.


In Light



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