Gloucestershire in Books Concerning old books about Gloucestershire

The Sun Concerning the Sun's significance in witchcraft and the occult.

Candlemas Concerning the rite of Candlemas and its associated knowledge.

The Deerhurst Dragon Concerning the legend of a dragon and the earth knowledge and archaeology surrounding it in Gloucestershire.

Stanton Drew Concerning the legend, the song and the facts about Stanton Drew stone circle in North Somerset.

The Devil's Churchyard Concerning the folklore and associated sites of this little visited location in Gloucestershire.

Dr. John Dee Concerning the life and works of the famous 16th century Occultist.

Ghosts and Psychic Phenomena Concerning ghostly sightings in a 16th century Manor House since 1991.

An Introduction to Runes Concerning an ancient magikal alphabet.

The Legend of Maude's Elm Concerning a tale of witchery, rape and revenge in Gloucestershire.

The Witch of Berkeley Concerning the folkelore surrounding this 11th century witch.

The Witch of Kemyel Concerning a tale of Dark Age witchcraft and revenge.

The Ghost of the Old Bell Hotel Concerning the ghostly happenings at a historic Inn in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

Local Crop Circles. Concerning a collection of crop circles that appeared around Bath, Somerset in 1999.

Baphomet. Concerning Eliphas Levi's drawing and how the Church created the image of the devil.

The Rollright Stones Concerning the Rollright Stone Circle.

Brighid, The Morrigan & Jack-O-Lantern Concerning the folklore surrounding these three figures.

Bristol's Jack in the Green Concerning this event in 2004; Report with photographs.



Hope you enjoy them.

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