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A crystal of pure love.

Dioptase is a beautiful emerald green colour. It is one of the three sacred crystals of the heart chakra. Dioptase is unsurpassed in its ability to transmit a potent deep green ray into the recesses of the heart. Dioptase sends its dynamic healing energy into that aspect of the heart that has been emotionally wounded in relationships with others.

I am sure that nearly all readers will have felt the heartache of unrequited love, a deep rift in close family relationships or the loss of loved ones, to another or in death.

The Dioptase is unequalled in helping in the healing of the deeply hurt heart. Dioptase nurtures that part of the self that has been emotionally abandoned whilst experiencing life's heartaches. Dioptase held at the heart will cross the threshold of the heart's protective shield and work upon dissolving the walls that have been built in the heart's defence. It is the natural way for human beings to deal with hurt by hiding it and burying it as deeply as possible. Dioptase will enter into these inner sanctums where the suffering has been suppressed. It will send its healing rays into the forgotten feelings of betrayed abandonment, grief and sorrow. Then releasing its powerful healing energy it will activate the heart's natural ability to heal. It will send great comfort to the heart that is afraid to love again. Used at the piont of the third eye, Dioptase will bring insight and understanding to those whose guilt and false sense of responsibility have taken on the burden of trying to control the destiny of others.

Dioptase will renew love's power to heal any wound, no matter how deep or scarred. It will bring to the fore the courage of the heart; purest essence of love that can be experienced and embraced on that level, that will heal emotional injuries and open the way to transmute that pain. After a healing session with this crystal the patient can learn how to transmute the pain into compassion and eternal peace.

The pain of love that is experienced at the loss of a loved one is deeply rooted in the unconscious sense of separation from the self. Longing for reunion with our own souls, we search for it outside ourselves. But no matter how much love we receive from external sources it can never fill the sense of emptiness from deep within. Dioptase is a powerful crystaline energy that can heal that wound of lost love and help the soul to find true fulfilment within the self.

"If thou find it not within you, you shall never find it without".

Dioptase will first clear away our old concepts of love and the way that we relate to love. Its deep powerful green essence will help to build a new foundation and teach us the important lesson of the most powerful force in the universe, compassion. Through continued use and meditation with Dioptase we can learn the true meaning of unconditional love. Dioptase will assist in learning to translate a new meaning of love, bringing that love into every relationship and circumstance and into every thought, feeling and action.

In my opinion Dioptase is a very important crystal to healers. I have given my personal explanation of the healing powers of this crystal and can tell you from experience that in helping to remove pain it replaces it with a gift of understanding beyond compare.




Amethyst 3.JPG (359906 bytes)

Amethyst is a crystalline quartz coloured purple by a small trace of ferric iron. One cubic foot of quartz can be turned into amethyst by as much iron as is contained in the head of a pin. Early 19th century mineralogists thought that the colour purple was due to manganese. This proved to be wrong. Nevertheless some modern crystal mystics are still attributing various effects to the "manganese content" of amethyst.

In ancient times the word amethyst was applied to any purple coloured stone, including purple garnets and purple corundums (sapphires). The word amethyst means "not drunken". These purple crystals were credited with the ability to keep drinkers sober no matter how much wine was consumed.

A lovely old pagan myth was that Amethyst was a nymph who loved Bacchus, the God of Wine. When he scorned her she withered and hardened into a crystal that would always oppose the effects of wine. Even in this century it is held that amethyst subdues inebriation. Amethyst is used today as a treatment for alcholism as well as diseases traditionally associated with over indulgence such as gout, diabetes and urinary problems.

In ancient Rome wine was served in amethyst goblets. The purple stone enhanced the colour of the wine making it possible for servants to water it down. The Crusaders loved amethyst and attached it their rosaries as magical protection.

Modern crystal mystics love amethyst, claiming that it can do many wonderful things. That aside the amethyst is a wonderful crystal to meditate with as it is attuned to the third eye chakra and also the crown chakra, drawing down the energy and vibration of the higher dimensions into these chakras and raising awareness to a higher level of understanding of those realms.

All crystals vibrate at different frequencies according to their colour. The amethyst has the highest vibration of all the crystals as it is at the top end of the spectrum (red having the lowest frequency and adhering to the root chakra). The amethyst vibrates at an amazing 42trillion beats per second. It is not at all clear how it has been measured and may be a figment of someone's imagination. One definite truth is that it does vibrate on a higher frequency than other crystals.

This versatile stone is used in the treatment of eye complaints and headaches and is one of the three crystals that can help the departing soul to leave the body and move on to the spiritual realm.

As a crystal healer I have found a wonderful world in working with all types of crystal. Crystals enhance the light that the healer draws through them and magnifies it, strengthening the healing and clearing away dis-ease, re-attuning, charging and re-aligning the subtle bodies. For the healer the world of crystals is a magical place where anything can be achieved if the crystal light is understood.

Not everyone comprehends the reasons for the emergence of crystal power at this particular time. Suffice to say that there is a definite purpose and reason for this emergence and the crystal healers have answered a call that has echoed down the millennia to this time of change, both global and personal.

The amethyst, being one of the third eye stones is second to none in meditation, attuning the psyche of the meditator with the spiritual dimensions by opening the third eye and allowing them psychically to "see".

I recommend amethyst to all seekers and searchers. It will bring you a calmness of mind and spirit and open up the world of your deepest most inner self, the higher you. For those who are unable to calm the mind and meditate, often after a hard day's work when you come home frazzled, pick up your lovely piece of amethyst and hold it while watching T.V.; let it work its magic upon you. I'm sure you will see the difference.


SMOKY QUARTZ, the gentle healer

Smoky Quartz contains an amazing amount of pure white light, more than any of the other dark crystals. The Smoky Quartz ranges from black too smoky yellowish in colour. It is associated with the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is the most physical of all the chakras and Smoky Quartz directs pure white light energy from the spirit into the physical. The Root Chakra is associated with the physical elimination of our waste products and on a metaphysical level with the elimination of old concepts and ideas. The Smoky Quartz aids the grounding and anchoring of all new things. When trying to bring into materialisation our ideas, using this crystal in visualisation is of tremendous help. Grounding the white light down through the Crown Chakra into the Root Chakra is within the domain of this powerful light tool. There is a feeling of personal empowerment when working with the crystal in this way. This crystal teaches us that we are privileged to be light beings walking upon this beautiful planet within our physical bodies.

This crystal is of immense help to those healer who are working with alcoholics, drug users, manic depressives and people who are totally removed from reality "off with the Fairy’s". People who use alcohol to excess and who take drugs are people who are unable to come to terms with their physical incarnation. These people are looking for and trying to invent, that spiritual freedom which is our in the spirit realms. They use artificial means to achieve that sense of euphoria that is not real or long lasting on earth. Many of these people are extremely sensitive being who just cannot cope with life on earth. There is so much pain, sorrow, hunger, deprivation, war and pestilence around us. It hurts them deeply, spiritually and they need something to take them away from the reality of the mundane world.

Those people who are manic-depressives cannot help their condition. A blockage has occurred somewhere within which needs the healing power of the Smoky Quartz applied over a period of time.

Finally there are the "daydreamers". Daydreaming is a natural process but these people take the process to extremes, spending most of their waking hours unaware of the reality that surrounds them. As I previously mentioned, the Smoky Quartz is a powerful crystal of light. It transfers pure white light from the Spiritual to the Physical showing us that it is a gift that we have incarnated to the earth and that we can manifest this spiritual light into the physical plane. We chose to come here and we can make it a beautiful place to be not a prison. The "Earth Star" is the chakra which we have about six feet underground and in conjunction with work at the Root Chakra the white light of the Smoky Quartz will be channelled through them both helping to ground and anchor these people whilst keeping their ideals bright.

The Smoky Quartz is a gentle healer, not dragging to the surface the negative patterns unlike crystal such as Malachite but rather it draws the negativity slowly out and dissolves and purifies it. It also eliminates all auric debris so that whilst healing we are sure that it has not moved into the aura to come back and manifest itself at a later date. This is why diseases like cancer re-occur. Unless the problem is healed as a whole, the disease will move out of the physical for a short time giving the appearance of a cure, only to manifest later. The imbalance must be treated, the reason worked through and tracked so that the healer may heal on all levels of existence.

Smoky Quartz is also invaluable at screening us from emissions such as those given off by televisions, computers and other electrical circuitry. Placing a "charged" piece of Smoky Quartz on top of these will negate the emissions. For example a small piece placed upon an electrical socket will do a good job. Having done this myself I noticed that after a few months I was no longer suffering from the sharp headaches or continual "sleepy" feeling that I had become used to. These crystals need changing monthly. Steeping them in "sea salt" water for at least three days will cleanse them of the impurities they have picked up after working so hard for you. Re-dedicate them and tell them to suck up all the harmful emissions and they will do an excellent job once again.

Truly these crystals are marvellous. I have a few but am searching for more. In my work I know I cannot have enough of them. To me they are one of the true greats of the mineral kingdom.



The ancient Egyptians were extremely interested in astronomy, astrology, magic and healing. They understood that "MAGIC" was simply the use or our natural surroundings to gain knowledge. All things spiritual and unseen were revered. They were incredible healers and had a vast knowledge of the mineral kingdom and the powerful allure of stones and their vibrations. The colour blue in all its shades was thought to be extremely beneficial in healing, they therefore revered and used all blue stones in healing techniques .

The tomb of Tutankamun was encrusted with gems and Lapis Lazuli was amongst those chosen to be worthy enough to be placed on the tomb along with precious gold, the colour of the Sun God.

The Egyptians used to grind their crystals down to a fine powder and then take them internally. Such was their belief in the healing power of crystals.

All crystals are attuned to certain parts of the body, that is to say that their healing energies vibrate in harmonic resonance with certain areas better than others. Lapis Lazuli can be placed on the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye. The Egyptians thought that the soul existed in the mind and was housed in the brain. Lapis Lazuli was used as a soul purifier and mind healer by being placed over the Third Eye.

Lapis Lazuli is a deeply penetrating crystal and it will bring to the conscious mind any problems of blockages that exist in the sub-conscious, thereby opening the way for other more gentle vibrations to remove that blockage and deal with the emotional trauma once the conscious mind has acknowledged the problem. Other crystal you should use in conjunction with Laps Lazuli are Green Aventurine, Amethyst and Stilbite.

Lapis Lazuli is an advanced light worker and should only be used by an experienced healer. Light workers use it to purge and cleanse that part of the aura which is no longer needed, removing blockages from the aura left over from past incarnations.


This crystal represents going down into our own darkness and illusion and coming to terms with it before its removal. With Lapis Lazuli we can identify our deep sub-conscious in the blue colour of the crystal but also see in the gold flecks with god and the eternal. Lapis Lazuli tells us that we are eternal spirits reaching towards godhead. We must have the courage to reach down and face our deepest pain knowing that we are strong and eternal and that in comparison the pain will be short lived.

Lapis Lazuli is the Sun in a blue sky. It is strength and beauty. The ancient Egyptians recognised the power held within the stone and used it well.



Here, I am going to talk about one of my favourite crystals; Tourmaline. From the first moment I set eyes on tourmaline I knew it was something special.

The tourmaline is normally found in long striated lines which give out an immense amount of electrical energy. Wherever you need to increase light force you should use tourmaline to help you. It's a very powerful light bringer.

If you wear tourmaline it will increase your own charisma and radiance and indeed a lot of tourmaline jewellery is now being made just for that purpose.

One of the main purposes of tourmaline is to transmit the higher energies and important laws of the Universe into the earth. Tourmaline tells us to align ourselves with the forces of light and channel this light into the earth.

The whole point of being a human being is to re-learn how to live in our physical body and keep our connection with the higher realms. Tourmaline assists us by channelling light into our chakras helping us to align and work on ourseIves, making ready for the day when we can project pure light out into the world. This is the work of healers and light workers.

Tourmaline is not indigenous to earth. It was materialised here by higher life forms to assist us in our transition to the Aquarian age and energy.

Tourmaline Wands

These wands channel high powered electrical energy. Amazing healing can occur with the proper use of tourmaline wands. The wand can be used on the skull and on specific points to stimulate brain activity.

In the future criminals and those of us with destructive natures will undergo this type of healing with tourmaline wands to remove the destructive energy and bring the being into alignment.

Some wands are up to 8" long and reflect a rainbow of colour, others are of a single colour. If you intend to acquire a tourmaline wand try to find the clearest wand you can.

Green Tourmaline

Is a wonderful healer on all levels. It purifies and strengthens the nervous system enabling you to carry more spirit force. This is an excellent crystal for those who suffer chronic fatigue. You can also wear it to inspire creativity. It is a must for the crystal healer and you will always find a good selection of green tourmaline on the altar.

Pink Tourmaline

One of the heart chakra stones along with Kunzite and Rose Quartz. The rose quartz focuses on self love and the Kunzite activates this self love. Having done this the pink tourmaline will then offer pure love. It is the giver of love in the material realm. It is the crystal of joy. Pink tourmaline wants you to express your feelings. If you use or wear this crystal it will help you to release past sorrows of the heart. For the broken hearted it is a very powerful helper. At the heart it will dissolve all old destructive stored feelings that have not been dispersed making room for the new energies of the heart.

Black Tourmaline

This wonderful crystal deflects negative energy. This crystal will protect you if you are going somewhere where there will be negative energy or dense energy. If you come into contact with drug abusers in your work you should wear black tourmaline to deflect the negativity. If you come into contact with dark spirits it wiII protect you also. It forms a shield against destructive energy. It can also be used to defuse your own negative energies such as anger, jealousy, insecurity etc. Ideal to work with the lower chakra points. It works hard to bring a clearer expression of light into the world. It teaches us to remain a radiant light in the dark. From the dark comes light. Wear this crystal and you will be protected and also it will help those around you.

Bi, tri and multi coloured Tourmaline

Can be very powerful to work with. The best combinations to work with are the pink / green tourmalines. It is a heart chakra healer. The green rays heal emotional wounds and the pink rays inspire love to flow within and without.

I love tourmaline. It is one of my favourite crystals. Everyone should have tourmaline in their collection for the special light they bring into our lives. Whether you are a healer or not you will benefit from this special crystal and know you are carrying a little bit of the light of the higher realms with you.



Selenite is associated with the Crown Chakra.

The Crown Chakra is the chakra which is directly above the top of our head, about 6" straight up. The colour that this chakra vibrates is white light. It is the last of the transpersonal chakras. We are connected to spirit by the energy of the chakras that bring energy down from the highest source, through each transpersonal chakra until touching the body at the Brow Chakra which is the first of the personal chakras. Many people work their personal chakras but do not work with the transpersonal chakras. In my view every chakra should be worked with and understood as a part of the whole.

So, from the highest source of light the energy comes in a downward line eventually filtering into our auric field and into our bodies. Without this energy we would not live. When we die our spirit or energy leaves the body out of the top of the head back up through the transpersonal chakras from whence it came.

Each of the transpersonal chakras vibrate a colour but we will not go into that at the moment as we are working with the Crown Chakra which vibrates white light. The selenite crystal is very good for work on this chakra. Selenite vibrates white light and forms a bridge for that light to enter into our bodies. A small selenite crystal can be placed at the top of the head to increase brain activity and expand awareness. Our thoughts entering our consciousness originate from this source and are direct reflections of pure spirit. Selenite works on healing with the highest energy and the Crown Chakra and is not really suitable for working with lower vibrations.

Selenite is fun to work with in a telepathic way. If you have a friend of like mind you can beam your message into Selenite, this can be picked up by the second party. You will surprised at how easy you find it if you have the time and put in the effort. Once you find the right person to work with then stick with it. Selenite will heighten your own powers of mental perception if you work with it on a regular basis.



Larimar is an extremely rare precious stone that has only been found in one location on earth, namely in the Dominican Republic in a mountain region difficult to access overlooking the Caribbean sea.

Larimar has been known since the seventies after inhabitants of a small fishing village decided to find their way to the origin of the secret blue stone which they occasionally discovered in the river bed. They went upstream until they came to a rock formation which seemed to be the source of this stone.

Because of its beautiful blue colour one can connect this stone with the heavens, the sea and planet earth seen from the universe. The power of the elements are within this stone.

Larimar bears the strength of the blue heaven with its white clouds and the depth and clarity of the Caribbean sea. This stone therefore helps one to see things in different perspectives.

Larimar is a new member to the family of healing crystals. This crystal helps us with transformation and has appeared in the world at a time when there is a tremendous amount of transformation going on. This crystal will soften and heal the results of our own transformations within our lives.

The Chakra which this crystal resonates with is the 5th energy centre of the throat which symbolises communication. Larimar will help to remove blockages that hinder changes and improvement in our lives. Stress and tension are eased away when working with Larimar.

Larimar was given its name by a Dominican man who named it after his daughter Larissa and the spanish word for the sea is Mar. It is sometimes called the Atlantis stone.

Larimar is quite difficult to find in the shops so if you do come across some I suggest that you buy it and work with it. I find this crystal very soothing with a lovely gentle energy and am just beginning to use it on my clients especially those who have recently divorced or lost a loved one as it helps ease the hurt and feelings of loss. A lovely energy.



The Tigers Eye is usually a lovely earthy brown with yellow highlights within and sometimes has a stripy effect. It also has a lovely sheen to it. This sheen symbolises personal power and integrity. Tigers Eye helps us to understand that the physical plane is an illusion and that spirit is the true world where we belong. This is the truth of the Tigers Eye and it teaches us "I am here in the physical world but it is for a short time and I will then return to the spiritual realms which is my true home" As Tigers Eye is a member of the quartz family it has a highly charged energy but it also has the earthy brown in it which grounds that high vibration into the roots of the earth.

One of the colours of the Crown chakra is gold and the yellow gold within the Tigers Eye enables us to bring into our being the vibration of the Crown chakra in balance with the Root chakra. Because of the combination of these energies the Tigers Eye can be used at the navel during crystal healing. This draws the higher energies of the Crown into the physical reality, creating a wonderful sense of well being.

Other crystals that can be used with the Tigers Eye is the Citrine and the Golden Topaz. These crystals should be used in a layout for a person who is a bit too airy. A bit spaced out or one who is very mental (all in the head) for it can help to ground them and root them. It is also a good crystal to give to someone who has tried to commit suicide as it will help them to realise that their time upon the earth is very necessary for their true development. Lastly it can be used with people who seem to be blown about with the wind, who seem to have no special values and don 't seem to care deeply about anything anymore, this crystal can truly help them to start to re-value things, no matter how small at first.

When my son was going off to Thailand for a few months he asked me to charge up a crystal which 1 thought would suit him and which would protect him. This I did and it was the Tigers Eye which I chose for him. My son was born in the sign of Aries, with his Moon in Leo and his ascendant is Aries. Wow, all fire signs, and he is like a walking volcano. I knew it had to be a grounding, earthy crystal to help him to be in balance.

Tigers Eye 2.JPG (90057 bytes)

Whilst on this trip to Thailand he had a horrific accident on his moped and plowed into the back of a taxi and suffered brain damage and a broken leg. His life was despaired of Happily he came through and is now well and out there is Thailand again, wearing his Tigers Eye pendant which I had cleansed and charged up again for him. He is absolutely sure in himself that the crystal had something to do with his recovery and he does not like to go anywhere without it.

He has said to me that he feels lost without it now and that he can feel the difference of wearing it and not wearing it, he has become attuned to his crystal. I have noticed actually that people seem to feel the energies of their opposite rather than the energy which is similar to their own.

Tigers Eye is a powerful but understated crystal and its value is so often overlooked. I would recommend to anyone to have a Tigers Eye in their collection.



The Hawks Eye is almost the same as the Tigers Eye except for its blue/grey to blue/green colour bands over deep brown to black.. 

Hawks Eye is one of the crystals used for the Base Chakra.  It is grounding whilst bringing inner peace and healing into the physical reality.

This crystal is very useful when working with negative energy patterns which are leading to dis-ease.  i.e. the beginning of cancer is one form of dis-ease where a Hawks Eye can be helpful.  As all healers know dis-ease starts in the spiritual realms and works down.  When your spirit if fragmented and needs to be made whole the Hawks Eye will mend.  Therefore placing this stone on the third eye during the healing session is of great value.

I believe that in many cases of dis-ease the healer should use shamanic magic and crystals to obtain their goal.  In many cases the spirit of the person has managed to move away from the physical body and this causes a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness and depression and a feeling of not belonging anywhere.  All these things need mending urgently and using the Hawks Eye in combination with the Tigers Eye will help the healing profoundly.

The blue bands circle the brownish black of the stone to shown that from the earth we can reach for the sky and from the heavens magic falls to earth…….. If we will reach for it and if we will believe it.

A truly wonderful crystal and one I recommend you have in your collection.


Labradorite - The Magical Crystal

Labradorite is found mainly in Italy, Greenland, Finland and Russia and is a member of the feldspar family. It looks flat and dull until you turn it to the light, whereupon a magical realm is revealed. In the light Labradorite becomes iridescent with flashes of blue and yellow. It sometimes reminds me of the colours you see in a puddle when bright sunlight is reflecting from an oily film on the puddles surface.

Labradorite.JPG (86259 bytes)

Labradorite is used to strengthen the Aura. It also assists in developing our psychic powers. Labradorite aids the seeks of mysteries and the occult explorer. One of the lessons of this magical crystal is to be comfortable in the presence of secret knowledge and power. It instructs us to look deeper into ourselves and to use our power constructively and wisely.

Labradorite aligns the physical body with the higher energies. It raises our consciousness then grounds those spiritual energies into the body.

This special crystal reminds me that beauty is not always there to be seen immediately, but that we should look deeper and so find outstanding loveliness in the most obscure places. It is a fun crystal, making you smile as you look deep into it and make your discoveries.

Labradorite is the stone of the Wizard and all things wondrous. It teaches that spiritual richness can be found in normal everyday life. When you are not looking for anything in particular or anything spectacular then it is there in all its glory, hidden from view and waiting for those special beings to come along and discover its wonders.

On a physical level Labradorite is most helpful with eye disorders. It works to help both the physical and metaphysical to see the unseen.

It can, in addition be constructively used in the relief of stress.

Yellow Labradorite

This is a truly wonderful crystal that helps us to reach the highest levels of consciousness. It helps both with trance and with channelling. I often with my small Labradorite ball and hold it, smoothing over its surface with my thumbs, just looking at it and enjoying its muted colours. I find it relaxing whilst knowing that it is connecting with my subconscious and teaching me on that level.


Blue Lace Agate

This is a lovely pale blue stone, reminiscent of the sky on a summers day. Within it are wispy bits of white resembling clouds in that same sky. It is a very gentle stone, soft and loving in its vibration.

The special gift of the Blue Lace Agate is to gently remove our fear of expressing ourselves clearly and concisely.

The Blue Lace Agate works with the Thyroid Chakra at the throat. This centre is usually blue in colour and the blue crystals do their individual work at this centre.

The throat is situated between our head (mind) and our heart (emotion) and therefore is the voice-box for our thoughts and emotions. The problem is that we sometimes allow the fear of what others may think of us to suppress our thoughts and feelings so we may not use our Thyroid Chakra in the right way causing a blockage of the free flowing energy. We may not be able to express our love for someone in the way we would like for fear of rejection or ridicule. We may want to express our ideas at work to our colleagues but are unable to do so.

The restriction of not using our throat chakra as a medium for our head and our heart may result in a person suffering headaches and / or tension in the neck and shoulders. There could be Thyroid problems or a sore throat. It may be well to mention that Thyroid problems can also lead to weight disorders among other things, As all things are connected it is important to deal with every aspect of the blocked area.

Blue Lace Agate can b worn around the neck as well as placed in that area during healing. Whilst wearing it the energies clear the way from the soul to the throat, allowing the truths of expression in all matters of life to come through without fear. From the very depths of ourselves any truth may emerge but its harshness in the light of day will be softened and soothed so that our verbal expression will be gentle.

The Blue Lace Agate opens the throat chakra in a gentle manner so that when you are working on this area in combination with other crystals they may be used to bring the souls wisdom into our hearts and minds and out into our lives by the medium of the voice.

Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing crystal for inflammations, burns and fevers. It soothes us when we are angry as blue (a cool colour) soothes red (a hot colour).

For all those with problems voicing their opinions or expressing their emotions or having difficulty interacting with people the Blue Lace Agate will be a great help. A foundation can be laid here for greater expression and greater freedom without fear.

Looking at the opposite side of this, some people are too forthright, too harsh or too critical of things and other people, Then Blue Lace Agate can help to smooth the tension and the harshness into a different way of expression with its gentle tones and vibrations. Of course a person has to know and see that this is one of their traits and wish to correct it but, if they do things will move along and change will happen.

 To work with the Blue Lace Agate is a lovely soothing experience. You won’t even notice it happening at first. Accept this lovely energy into your daily life and allow your fears to just dissolve away.



Smithsonite has a soft gentle vibration. It comes in a variety of pastel colours such as; blue, blue-green, pink and rose quartz pink.

Smithsonite works in the same way as rose quartz. It has a soft and nurturing presence. It comforts and Shields us and softens the blows we are dealt in life. Working with this crystal nurture your inner child. It is a wonderful stone to work with in cases of abuse or childhood trauma. This crystal is subtle with gentle energies and indeed, in cases of abuse you need to tread carefully so Smithsonite places layer upon delicate layer of healing essence into the heart of the pain, slowly nurturing and working its magic so quietly that it may seem as though nothing has changed at all until you find your patient smiling and not knowing why.

Because this stone works deeply, but very gently, the use of a third eye stone such as Azurite and Malachite at the solar plexus to help bring the healing into conscious awareness and release the pain.   Smithsonite is also wonderful in stress-related matters and anxiety overload where mental breakdown is imminent.  People who work in stressful jobs should wear a Smithsonite pendant.

Blue-green Smithsonite vibrates the peace of blue and healing of green.  This colour Smithsonite is very watery and therefore works well on the emotional levels and helps to deepen meditation.  It can balance out the red energy of anger, resentment, jealousy and anxiety.

Soft pink Smithsonite pertains to heart energy.  It helps us to be loved by those in the world rather than focussing on self-love as rose quartz does.   It helps you feel nurtured and loved by the forces outside ourselves, i.e. angels, elementals, the Universe.

Pink Smithsonite is a gift for children in their innocence and untainted views on things. This stone is beautiful to look at and beautiful in its vibration.  It is like a soft pink blanket placed round you, protecting and loving in a quiet way.   Smithsonite is one of the gentle healers.



The Bloodstone is a very, very deep earthy green in combination with deep red flecks in it.
The Bloodstone is a powerful cleanser and should be used for those with any blood disorder or anyone who could do with a good internal cleansing.
The Bloodstone can also be used on each of the chakras if you are doing an all over clearing of the chakras as it will be of great help in clearing unwanted negative energy.
This stone purifies the blood, the liver, the kidneys and the spleen, all these organs are important to the body as purifiers and the bloodstone purifies the purifiers enabling them to do their work better and ensuring that these important organs stay in good health so that they will do their job for longer.
A bloodstone can be used to help hemophiliacs.  The green going deep into the blood, to purify and detox it.  It helps to get a sluggish system on the move again.
The Bloodstone can be a very powerful crystal to have as it is a powerful cleanser and as a healer I have one in my collection.



Sodalite is the deepest and densest of the blue crystals. Shot through with tiny flecks of silver, it often reminds me of the night sky It is one of the third eye crystals and is extremely good in helping to clear the mind. It is a very powerful crystal

Sodalite helps to remove old patterns so that one is more open to new thinking. It is a stabiliser.  It helps the mind become more rational and steers you away from being to scattered.  Holding the sodalite will help to keep you emotionally stable and rational.  It is not exactly an earthing stone because it does not work on the lower chakras but it is the stabilising influence on the third eye area and the grounding stone for other third eye crystals.

The Sodalite is a crystal which should be used before any visualisation exercise or any meditation because of its special qualities it will prepare the mind and third eye making everything easier and deeper.

Sodalite was also one of the ancient Egyptians favourites and they placed chips of it on the death mask of their Pharoes.

This crystal will help you in all your work and help you in your thinking, keeping your feet firmly on the ground by means of stabilising and grounding in the mental body.

 It calms the mind and steadies it enabling a higher level of concentration.  It helps to bring us to that state of mind where we are clear in thought in what we want to do and are ready to do it with a clear mind and our concentration helped a bit so that we may see clearer and with much more intensity for whatever it is we wish to do.


The Ancient One

Malachite is an extremely ancient stone and has been used for thousands of years for healing.

The ancient Egyptians used lots of malachite.  The pharaohs used to inlay their headresses with malachine as they thought it would help them aline with the higher energies.  The famous death mask of Tutunkamun is laid with Lapis Lazuli and Malachite two of their favourite and most revered crystals.

Malachite is an opaque green of the loveliest hue, it is a dense green and works with the physical plane absorbing and drawing out negative energy instead of emitting energy like the other crystals.  Because of this way of working, it is essential that this crystal is thoroughly cleansed after every use, no matter how small because it will have taken the dis-ease into itself and hold it there and must be removed before using on anyone else.  Place it on a large quartz cluster for a day, if you have a large cluster but if you do not sea salt is good and charging it up again in the sunlight and moonlight will soon have it back to it wonderful energy.

If you look at tumbled malachite you can see the markings on it easier than an untumbled one.  There are sworls and circles and lines to be found and each tell a story.  If there is two circles on one side and one circle on the other then this stone could be used for harmonising duality in yourself or in a relationship and it can help that relationship move on to its next stage easily as it removes obstacles of an emotional nature out of the way leaving the path more clear.  Malachites that have straight lines on them will move energy along those lines where they are placed on the body.

Malachite is a truth stone.  You cannot hide from it deep inner truth.  It will bring to the surface all deeply hidden problems, emotions you thought long gone, emotions you do not want to look at, everything painful and shut away down deep is to be looked at and worked on and this can be traumatic.  It is what this crystal helps you to do and if you ask for the help of malachite then you must be ready for what it brings up from the depths of your consciousness and be ready to transmute it into a thing of light instead of darkness and terror. 

Sometimes working with malachite can be very tough as it is ruthless in its working but if you have the strength and wish to move on without the emotional baggage malachite will help you as this is a very powerful crystal.

Malachite can be used on any of the chakras to remove deep seated debris.  If it is to be used at the heart it should not be used alone.  Always use with rose quartz as this crystal will soften the blow with a pink blanket of love and kunzite is another crystal which will be helpful also but most definitely softer healing crystals should be used also when using malachite on the heart chakra.

Working on the solar plexus it will remove static and repressed emotions quickly.  Using a malachite point on the solar plexus will remove enough static energy to help clear the diaphragm so that breathing comes easier and is deeper and very beneficial.

Azurite and Chrysocolla are the best stones to work with malachite, the two different shades of blue merging perfectly with the deep earthy green working magic together.


This combination working together can achieve deep healing.

The deep blue of the azurite calms the stress in the body making it ready for the malachite to being in the healing green starting the healing process.  The blue penetrates and the green initiates and together they are dynamite.

When clearing the third eye chakra with these two stones it is likely that old long forgotten memories will surface that you can at last look at and be rid of allowing yourself more mental freedom and happiness from deep within.

When using this combination on yourself or on anyone else you will find emotional release and physical detoxification and that this is a powerful healing.  I stress again that malachite on its own or malachite and azurite together are powerful crystals and cause deep changes and you must be prepared for this and know that this is what you want and are ready for at this time.  Old feelings will be brought out and hurts and pains re-experienced so this healing work should be thought over carefully and the crystals chosen to help for their gentle energy also chosen with great care and attention.

This is a healing to be thought about and prepared for.  If done correctly and with care the emotional and spiritual lift is immense.


Cryscolla is a really beautiful sky blue/turquoise colour and is a very gentle healing stone.  It holds a very feminine energy which works well with the more potent energies of the malachite and it softens the effects.

Malachite is the green earth and chryscolla the blue sky and therefore the malachite will collect the energies and raise them up to reach the chrysocolla and the highest energy.  Transforming denser energy into finer higher energy.

This combination worn over an unbalanced area on the body will seep down into the cells and internal tissues which will then respond to the stimulus and align themselves with the higher frequency.

By placing one on the third eye chakra and one on the solar plexus you bring into alignment the mind and body.

Using these stones together can bring peace, peace to your soul, peace also, when used correctly in meditation and visualisation, to the world around.

To finish I will tell you of something personal to me when using these crystals.  Because of the beautiful blue i think of that as the ocean and the green of the earth and i feel great affinity with dolphins and in my meditations can feel the closeness of them during this time.  I know intuitively that this combination is on the dolphin ray and i hope that you will practice reaching for these beautiful creatures and make them aware that they are hunted by some of the earth but that others are fighting for their welfare.  Ask for their forgiveness for our utter barbarity and take joy from them, as they will willingly give it and most of all enjoy the feeling throughout the practice because you will most definitely come away with a smile on your face.

I will be posting on to Crystal Corner a Dolphin meditation using these two crystals soon so watch this space.


Emotional healer

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful crystals.  If you have found one with the highest energies it will be a lovely opaque delicate pink.

Rose quartz is a stone for the heart chakra.

The soft pink colour is both healing and soothing and helps overcome the pain of the heart.  This stone is used to help with all emotional traumas of the heart.  Other heart associated crystals have their part to play in the healing of the heart but the rose quartz is especially for people who have not experienced true love, whether that be as children with a violent upbringing, children who had no parents, people whose experiences have closed the heart charka.

Many children who are brought up without their own parents and have had to live in special homes often feel deep loneliness and dont know why they feel this way.  Children and people who have lost their loved ones feel isolated and alone.  Children from broken homes or from a home where they were not given love just violence have nurtured the feelings of being unworthy, unloved, blemished in some way and not deserving of love.  This is heartbreaking and the need in these people for love is great.

Some of these people who grow to be women can fall into the bad relationship trap because they will stay with anyone whether they are good for them or not, some going from one man to another in the search of that elusive real love.

If you do not feel good about yourself and harbour these feelings you can become one of those people who always trys to ingratiate yourself and people on another level feel this about you.  When you give off these vibrations it is harder to attract the right sort of person to you.  If you are in chaos in yourself you will attract the same chaos in another.  This can be a vicious circle that is hard to break from when you do not know what is causing it.

Adults who do not address this problem cannot pass on love to anyone else which means of course that their children are brought up in the same way as them.  Unless a deep inner healing takes place the cycle will go on and the person will never feel peace.

Rose quartz healing may take a long time.  This is a gentle stone of love and may take a long time to reach right down to the deepest place where hurt resides.  It is like a gentle blanket covering the heart and allowing the special healing of the rose quartz to permeate slowly.

I remember a lady who came to me after her husband had died suddenly.  This woman was in very deep pain.  I asked her to sit and to hold a rose quartz tumble stone that i had charged for this purpose and to absorb some of the pain while she talked.  I was listening and collecting the crystals I felt were needed..  Through her tears she told me of the love shared between the two of them and how hard she was finding it to be without him, her voice cracked and it brought tears to my own eyes for her sake.  Then I heard a loud crack and she sat bolt upright with her hand out.  When she opened her hand the crystal was broken into two pieces and she was looking quite shocked.  She told me that as she was speaking to me she felt the terrible pain that was physical and at that moment the crystal broke and she felt a rush of relief as if the pain gushed out leaving room for some other feelings.

This had never happened before in a session but I also had never worked on someone who had just lost a loved one when it was so raw and I was startled.  I explained to her that the rose quartz had sacrificed itself for her and had taken some of the pain from her into itself and had cracked in two under the strain.  I know that for some people this could be hard to believe but I work with crystals and I know what they can do for us and also we must remember that the rose quartz is about unconditional love and was put upon the earth for this special job.

This was quite incredible and the woman had to have a cup of tea while she settled herself down into her chair again.  She looked quite different also, she looked a bit brighter as if some terrible gloom had suddenly been lifted.  She told me it was not so painful and that she felt much much better.  She eventually went away with a much lighter step and I knew that after the session she would be alright given a bit more time.  The healing had done what it was supposed to do.  In telling this story you can see how powerful crystal healing can be.

Rose quartz will help you to release emotions over time and patience is needed to get some of the deeper healings done but it is wonderful to help someone in this way.

If you are working on the heart chakra and using rose quartz it is best to use three stones, one directly over the heart with one above and below it.  Kunzite and pink tourmaline can also be placed with the rose quartz as they will help with the healing on different levels.

Meditations using rose quartz can be very powerful also and you can use them to send unconditional love to the earth where it is needed, to animals as well as to people who need it.  You can ask your rose quartz to teach you how to love unconditionally and totally and to help you rid yourself of selfishness, ego and the things in your character that are not positive energies.

You can work with your partner using a rose quartz each and placing them around you to help deepen the love you have between you or to help heal any hurts you may have emotionally between you.  You can open yourself up to forgiveness of yourself and someone else.

Lastly when working with the rose quartz, always allow yourself to let the tears flow, give yourself up to the feelings that are a part of the healing, just allow whatever comes up to come, you may remember things that are painful and hurt but that is ok as it has to come to the surface to be let go.  Just go with it and eventually you will have worked your way through it.  Then it is time to use your lovely rose quartz to blanket you in pink light and love and to fill your heart and spiritual being in beautiful spiritual healing light, visualise and breathe it in, take it into your heart and let it flow over your like a rain of light, just wallow in the gentle healing light that is rose quartz.


Let there be Light

This crystal is a very powerful cleanser and works with the Base Chakra.

The base chakra is the most physical of the main 7 chakras, the first on the body chakra.  This crystal works on an earthy level.  It draws the spiritual forces higher up down into physical form and manifests in the base chakra.

The chakras are paired off but i will not go into that now.  Suffice to say that there are opposites also and the black obsidian is in the base chakra working its magic andt is also working with the crown chakra to ensure that the higher energies manifest in the base chakra to ensure spirit in all things physical and the same is the opposite way round.  The higher forces grounded is what black obsidian is doing so that spiritual energy can be used in the physical world by infusing the material plane with light force.

Black Obsidian can be used in meditation and chakra work to bring down our spiritual energy into our physical world to refine our ego and to purify us.

Black Obsidian works without ego, ego has no place for this teacher, it shows you what needs to be done for personal growth.  It brings up all insecurities and fears that suppress the souls road to enlightenment.  This is powerful work and should not be undertaken lightly.  To work with Black Obsidian is courageous and you should be ready to let go of old conditioning, be prepared to be brave and look deeply into yourself and see what is real about yourself and be prepared to put all that aside.  Each person is different and each person carries their own guilt, stubbornness to what is real, fears, pride, self righteousness, blind faith etc and this crystal will delve deep and bring to the fore all this bad programming and ask you to change, to evolve, to let it all go.  This can be very frightening and should not be entered into lightly.  The first step is to really look deeply into yourself at your core centre and really admit faults and hurdles.  Before you can do any work you have to know your failings.

This black stone teaches us a lot about the dark, as we have to look so deeply within.  It is the opposite to white and the light and yet each of the colours black and white hold all the colours of the spectrum within them.  White and black, dark and light, night and day, each of these expressions are the opposite of the other and each allows the other to exist. 

Black Obsidian attracts and reflects light unlike any other black stones.  It shows us that we can master our dark side and collecting all those traits that are the cause of our pain and darkness we can turn around and bring light into those feelings and situations and lighten our burden, eventually with work leaving the darkness within our souls so that we can work in the light, and in this light there can be peace upon this earth.  Selfishness, pain, suffering, ego, tyranny, war, destruction etc., etc. energies so dark that they keep our soul in chains and the earth in darkness.  If everyone could free themselves of their greed and anger and ruthlessness and turn these negative feelings to their opposite then the difference would be felt across the whole planet, love and light is life and love reverberates round the globe dissipating the dark and healing where it touches.

After working with Black Obsidian it is advisable to do a short clear quartz meditation to help bring your soul back and remind it of the light after the difficult work it has just encountered.

Black Obsidian can be laid on the pubic area when drawing the higher energies down to be grounded in oneself.  It is a very powerful stone and should be respected as such.  It is not a stone for a beginner on this path.

In a group working the Black Obsidian can be used to focus on bringing light into a darkened world and this is very effective.

 The Stone of Emotional Healing 

 The energy of Peridot is beautiful.  It is cool and bright and lifts the spirits just looking at it. 

Peridot is the stone of emotional healing.  When you work with this energy you can take the edge of deep rooted jealousy, hatred, anger, and bitterness that are results from a battered heart.  We all know the feeling of loss when a loved one leaves us or betrays us badly.  The hurt and anger can go deep depending on how bad the betrayal was and this pain reaches down and around the heart and can twist it and become embedded, harming future relationships. 

Periodot is all about the heart.  This gem if used properly can help you to move past the hurt and to understand.  It is all about LOVE.  In the understanding is the forgiving and then you can be free to love again wholly.  Slowly, gently, quietly, working towards healing the wounded ego.  Helping to restore the damaged fragments of a person's soul to bring inner peace and contentment once again.  This is very powerful healing.

Peridot is also known as the healer of healers.    A visionary gem bringing in light and understanding of destiny and purpose.  It releases the negative vibrations so that you can move on.  Healers love the energy of Peridot.  Holding it over your heart chakra whilst asking it to clear the heart of negative vibrations helps to keep the healer clear and open with a heart that resonates on a high level.  Therefore it is one of the gems you will find in a Crystal Healers collection.

Peridot is a warm and happy stone and will lift depression.  Just looking at its beautiful colour and sparkling energy will make you feel happier. 

 This stunningly beautiful gem is also very powerful and is prized very highly.   Wearing a pendant hanging over the heart area will help to keep you joyful and lift your heart from darkness.  Wearing it as a ring or earrings also releases its gentle energy into your auric field and will help to keep your spirits up.

 Peridot contains yellow in its make up and resonates with Sun energy also, bringing this into healing makes it a doubly powerful healing gem.  Its Sun energy also attracts money.  Wear your Peridot jewellery when doing the never know.

 In folklore the wearing of a Peridot in bed or placing it under the pillow was said to keep away the Night Hag and the Vampires which in more modern terms would mean that it helps to prevent nightmares.




Apatite was named from a Greek word meaning deception because this crystal’s make up imitates that of other mineral species.

It is interesting to note that there has been found about 65% of Apatite in the bones of Elephants, Walruses and Narwhales.  It brings to mind the fact that we have crystalline substance within our own bodies as well as water.  It is one of the reasons why crystals resonate with us, apart from other healing aspects of crystals.

Apatite can be found in some beautiful colours including violet, pink, blue, brown and grey, green and also colourless.  The blue/green variety is from Norway and is called Moroxite.

Crystal healers associate Apatite not with the bones as one might think from the above information but with the muscles.

Method:   Place your Apatite in water and leave overnight.  Take out Apatite and mix 8 drops of Apatite water with distilled water.  Put this in your bath.  Bathing in this water will help activate a sluggish throat chakra and invigorate sluggish muscles.

A talisman can be made of Apatite but you will not find Apatite jewellery as this stone is too soft to be cut and faceted.

Apatite can also be used with other crystals at the throat chakra.



Healer stone of Atlantis


What an absolutely wonderful colour citrine is and because of that colour it is known as “The Stone of the Sun”. It is alleged that citrine was used as a powerful transmitter of solar healing in Atlantis. It is associated with the Roman God Mercury who is the Messenger of the Gods and therefore often used therefore to aid communication, attract money and increase selling power in business.

Citrine is excellent for use in prosperity rituals.  Place daffodils on an altar with yellow candles and put your citrine in the middle allowing it to charge itself.  Let the candles burn until dawn.  Visualise drawing sun energy in and the citrine will absorb that energy.  Carry a citrine in your bag to draw money to you.

Because of its colour and relation with the Sun this crystal aids with depression, all depressive illnesses and phobias and to anyone who feels burdened down with the weight of responsibilities.  Citrine will lift your spirits and help you fly again.

As an aid to healing citrine is good for working with the liver, gall bladder, spleen and digestive system.  It reduces the toxicity in the body and helps to relieve back pain.

At work citrine will help you to communicate your ideas clearly and precisely.  It will direct you to try new things and to make time for your creative talents.

Citrine is a wonderful helper if you are clearing a new house before moving into in helping to clear and remove dark energy left behind.  Any dark or stagnant atmosphere can be lifted using citrine.  You could leave a piece of this crystal in a room with a negative atmosphere and it will disperse it.  A citrine cluster is best for this use.

Send light and healing out to war torn countries, places of poverty or places of darkness by using a photograph of that place and put it on the alter amongst the daffodils and candles.  Wrap citrine and photograph in yellow or white silk, say out loud what you are using it for and leave until dawn.  Next day open it up and reaffirm what you are using its energy for and wrap it up again.  This should be done for three days.

You may also do the above for a depressed person or ill person by writing their name on the back of the photograph and naming them and your intention.  While the crystal is lying there you can help it by visualising the result you wish for.

For charging citrine place out in the summer sun until noon, especially on the Summer Solstice.

To charge both you and your citrine stand out in the morning sun holding your crystal point up to the sun and draw sun energy through the crystal and into yourself.  Visualise for at least five minutes, drawing the energy down and into all parts of your body and also into your aura.  Spend a last few minutes then holding the citrine to your solar plexus.

Citrine is not only a very beautiful crystal but also a powerful crystal which can bring joy and happiness to those that need it.  After using this crystal I find I am smiling.  It is one of my favourite crystals.

I hope you will work with your own citrine and feel the joy.




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